Tuesday, December 22, 2015

wide open spaces

where we almost missed our connection

A quick snippet from today's commute because we are in packing mania for our trip down to VA/MD. Sometimes I get tired of being crammed into the sardine can that is the 6pm train, so I imagine an empty subway car filled with bright sunlight. I can feel myself immediately begin to breathe a little deeper and slower. Sometimes I slowly repopulate the car in my imagination before I come back to reality because it can be overwhelming to reach that calm space only to open my eyes to people standing inches from my face. Now for short form:

doors open, people
pile in and disappear
as i close my eyes

picture: Duisburg Hauptbahnhof (central station), western Germany, September 2010, film, Canon Tlb 

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

The London tube is just as bad, if not worse, because it literally IS a tube, and the train cars are smaller with curved roofs and I always wind up stooping or bumping my head on the ceiling!