Thursday, December 10, 2015


danish magic

How do people do this every day? Clearly I need to start earlier, so here comes a tired, abridged version of what I had in mind. We became domestic partners today. That's right. We are now the proud owners of a $35 blue and white certificate with our names (Partner 1 & Partner 2) that says we're entitled to health insurance and a host of other benefits. Welcome to a world of privilege for people in serious relationships! Never mind that we've been together for over 9 years prior to jumping through this rusty hoop in order to get health insurance. I have a complicated relationship with the institution of marriage, some of which I know is an irrational spite for authority and a holdover from the days before gay marriage became legally recognized. BUT forgive me, oh married friends, but I just don't get it. I know this may offend some of you (if you've managed to find your way back here), and I'm sorry. I don't have the energy to parse out the arguments, so instead I leave you with this party pooper of a haiku:

up the marble stairs
through the double doors to sign here
now what's for dinner?

picture: incredible brunch at Broder Cafe, September 2011, Portland, OR, cross-processed slide film, Canon Tlb


Steve Reed said...

Actually I feel pretty much the same way, and I've been civil unioned for five years. (And we're getting married in December.) Unfortunately, in order to gain certain federal tax and other legal benefits, as well as parity in the eyes of the populace, marriage is pretty much a requirement. But yeah, what's for dinner?

ester said...

good reasons to get married: 1) chance to get some Le Creuset; 2) if it means a lot to you and/or your partner; 3) legal ramifications around property, benefits, having kids. oh, also some people like parties.

not good reasons to get married: most of them.

are there really people who would get offended by your saying you don't get it? so weird. regardless, congrats on the certificate! i hope it brings you joy or at least, you know, some convenience.