Saturday, December 19, 2015

running on empty


And the answer is no, I cannot stay up too late drinking a whopping 2 beers (one which was 10% abv) and then wake up 7 hours later to run 10.5 miles after taking the dog to the park for nearly 2 hours and still consider myself a functioning human being after 4pm. The sun is down, my contacts are like little patches of concrete, and my head feels foggy. But we have fun on our to do list (cookie decorating party, so I have to get this haiku out the door and figure out how to prop my eyelids open long enough for more social encounters.

cotton in my head,
ice cream in my belly, and
too far from my bed

sophisticated business, isn't it? let's try again...

blustery time spent
running on empty with dreams
of warm grassy naps.

picture: a friend's parents' dog (whose name escapes me), Hartland, VT, June 2014, film, Canon Tlb 
additional fun fact: there's a worn spot in the wood from the dog's head resting there for years 

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