Tuesday, December 8, 2015

find a new trail


I spent nine months in an emotionally abusive supervision experience during my counseling internship. We had weekly meetings on Tuesdays. The minute I escaped from this person's arctic glare, I reclaimed Tuesday as a day of adventure, enjoyment, and rest. Sometimes my partner and I find a way to get out of the city to hike for hours on end (sadly this often involves sitting in traffic for hours on end). Sometimes it's a ho-hum day of errands, dog walking, and exercise. Sometimes we see a movie at the theater that has Tuesday discounts. Whatever happens, my goal is to get as far away from how my Tuesdays used to be.

How is hiking "rest" you ask? Because it lets my mind wander while also helping me stay exactly where I am: putting one foot in front of the other in order to connect with something beyond the myopia of every day problems. And now today's haiku, with options:

crunch of leaves echoed
as we crossed a muddy patch. 
hear the woodpecker? 

alternate ending: where's that damn dog now? 

top picture: hiking on the Appalachian Trail in early October, near Kent, CT, cross-processed slide film, Canon Tlb 

bottom picture: a rare moment of stillness from our hike today on the Appalachian Trail, near Salisbury, CT, iPhone

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