Sunday, December 20, 2015

socially dehydrated

he hates this

The hangover continues. You think I mean alcohol, but I'm actually referring to the sugar and lack of sleep situation that feels remarkably similar to having cozied up to one too many drinks. The physical toll combined with too much social time for this introvert has resulted in some serious crabbiness. Granted, we did get to spend the afternoon/evening with one of my favorite people (pictured above). Here's a 17 syllable description of him that only scrapes the surface of his greatness:

quick to laugh, slow to
leave, generous with hugs and
he washes dishes

picture: Chris standing outside ample hills ice cream giving me the "i'm not happy with this picture taking, but I'm too nice to frown at you" face, August 2015, film, Canon Tlb 

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