Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Now boarding


I flew to NC and back today to visit my grandmother because we skipped our usual trek to see her for Christmas. In fact, I'm still in transit sitting at Raleigh Durham airport waiting on my flight. In my previous blogging life I would never have fussed with writing a post on my phone to the soundtrack of overlapping gate announcements and whining children, but this is what commitment looks like (translation: stubbornness). In an effort to not lose my shit typing on this tiny screen let's get to the point shall we: 

as we crest over 
dull gray clouds into sunlight 
a smile erupts 


when you ask people 
about their life, they find words 
you might not have heard 

picture: a playground in Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2010, film, Canon Tlb

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

I have never liked blogging from my phone, so I salute your stubbornness! Hope your trip back was good. We were driving back and forth all day, but I think you beat us by getting on an airplane twice. :)