Wednesday, December 9, 2015

have you seen my delorean?

torpedo on wheels

Some days I get home from work (mental health profession), and all I can think about are the various ways I could have made a session better. I'm sugarcoating it - change that to "should have made a session better, but failed as usual" and that's closer to the real way I speak to myself. Ah yes, the healing powers of language. Sometimes I feel lost and inadequate, and I can't stop the merry go round of shoulds and didn'ts. Here's what it's like trying to read a book on the subway after having a particularly challenging session:

over and over
I read the same lines, hoping
to go back in time

picture: a Citroen, taken near Hackescher Mrkt, Berlin, September 2010, film, Canon Tlb 

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

I love those old Citroens. I think they look like cowfish.

We all second-guess ourselves in our respective professions, I suspect!