Tuesday, January 5, 2016

who turned off the heat

you can't see me

Well, the weather is frigid. This morning during our run the temperature was 16 degrees F and the "real feel" was a whopping -4. Thankfully, we have enough fancy running gear to populate a small athletic store, so I layered up and actually felt a little overdressed. Running in that temperature range is like trying to sprint in ankle deep sand. Nothing moves quickly and breathing is difficult, but I will take those challenges over a gym any day (and for as many days as I can avoid it seeing as I don't have any health problems that prohibit outlandish running conditions). Birds chirped and flitted about. A woman jumped around like an orangutan goading her dog to play. Prospect Park lake sparkled like a disco ball and sported little dark lumps that turned out to be floating birds. The sky was bright enough to cast shadows. So what if my sweat froze to my face?? And now for a short version of our afternoon walk with the dog:

he pulls me over
with glee and the steam rises
from the christmas tree

picture: my mom's cat hiding in a pile of clothes back when she was a little fluffball, California, MD, October 2010, digital 

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

Awww, what a face on that cat!

I used to head for a treadmill when the temperatures dipped below about 30F. But running outside is always visually more interesting!