Saturday, January 9, 2016

escape hatch

sweaty squash

What do you do when reality is a bit much? Go to the movies! After our usual schedule of dogwalking, running and compost errands, we went to see the new Star Wars movie at BAM's Harvey Theater. The seats are bolt upright and there's no legroom, which is not good for stiff running legs, but it was definitely more spectacular than a regular movie outing. I'm not into academically critiquing movies, especially one as chewed over as Star Wars, so here's a very short piece of commentary:

suspend disbelief
for droids and unscathed heroes
but when do they eat??

How do they have all that energy for wielding light sabers and heavy machinery when the main characters don't eat a crumb? Wait, I take it back. There is the scene where Rae gets her rations and makes the crazy loaf porridge combo. But still! No sleep. A few drops of water at the beginning. Mundanities that slow down steamroller productions, I know, I'm being a spoilsport. All in all, it was highly enjoyable.

picture: an acorn squash, two apartments ago?, Brooklyn, NY, August 2010, digital 

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