Thursday, January 21, 2016

tee time

thai eggplant

The previously mentioned dinner guests should be here in about 15 minutes, so let's see what I can manage in that amount of time. We are allegedly getting a lot of snow this weekend, and there are infographics circulating the intertubes depicting how many of whatever BS item people should buy in a given region. Call me a teetotaler, but I do not understand the whole it's going to snow, let's go buy 5 bottles of wine, a case of beer and pork rinds! or whatever. This one is a little more my speed (as seen on the Central Rappahannock Regional Library facebook page, so it's not for New York, but it should be!):

and now for the completely unrelated short version of the dog helping us clean for our guests:

snout glued to the ground
as he compulsively licks
squished sweet potato

picture: a thai eggplant, which was NOT in dinner, because I am allergic to eggplant, February 2008, digital 

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