Wednesday, January 13, 2016

naval gazing

brazilian clothes dryer

I'm tending to the animal farm alone this evening. You wouldn't think feeding two cats, walking a dog, and doing the dishes would take all that long, but it adds up. It's nights like this when I wonder why push the streak? Why not just finish that episode of friday night lights (for the second time), muddle through the necessities, and go to bed? You might be wondering the same thing given the high quality of this writing! There's something energizing and challenging about doing something for a month. It's uncomfortable, and it requires sacrifice, but the end is within spitting distance. Committing to something for a year requires more endurance and reliance on muscle memory, much like all those marathons we've run. It also requires fighting off the who-really-cares-about-this and the what-good-is-this-anyway feeling and all the other doubts that come along with doing a thing without being able to hold the benefits in your hand. I can totally see why people give up on all kinds of goals. Lucky for me, I'm too stubborn and compulsive, which is not to say I'm above giving up (and sometimes quitting is necessary). But for now, I'm still sending this jumble of words out there. Here's a short version of our walk this morning:

piles of steaming mulch
that smelled of earthy citrus almost
made up for cold toes

picture: the dog house slash laundry line for the caretakers of our jungle house airbnb, Ilha Grande, Brazil, September 2009, cross-processed slide film, Agfa Optima (can you spot the sleeping dog?) 

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Steve Reed said...

Well, bravo for not talking yourself out of it, because it's always possible to do that. Personally I find blogging a good way to organize my thoughts and keep track of my days. I think it serves a purpose whether anyone reads it or not!