Thursday, January 14, 2016

look up

tybee island sunset

On the train ride home, I happened to look up from writing reminders on my phone just in time to catch a blazing pink band of light across the horizon behind the statue of liberty. It was so incredible that I wanted to tell the people around me to look up. No one seemed to notice! One person moved closer to the window, and I wanted to shout "I know!" when her jaw dropped at the sight. And then the buildings on the Brooklyn side of the East River blocked the view, plunging me back into a regular old train ride on a cold January Thursday. This solidifies my status as a cheesehead (along with the hundreds of sunset pictures available on my Instagram feed). I can't help it. How can an event that happens every single day be so different? I guess a lot of things are like that, but the differences are harder to notice or maybe not deemed worthy of noting. And yes, logically I know it's not the same every day because of all the parameters blah blah blah. But it gets me every damn time.

gawking at that tree,
oohing over that sunset,
i can't get enough


there it goes again
keeping time and setting fire
to my hearts desire - JUST KIDDING. it rhymed and it's oh so painful. now for the real one...


there it goes again
keeping time and setting fire
to the fading light

(might not be any "better" but it hurts less)

picture: sunset on Tybee Island, Savannah, GA, September 2008, digital 

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Steve Reed said...

I actually don't even see sunsets or sunrises anymore, now that we're living at ground level in an urban environment. Too many other buildings and such in the way, I suppose. I used to notice them all the time when we lived in Notting Hill on the sixth floor! One advantage to being in a higher building!