Sunday, July 22, 2007

puddle diving

apparently a "20% chance of isolated showers" means a 100% reality of constant drizzle, thwarting my motorcycle plans, but not until i'd already stranded myself at octane. granted, there are worse places to be coffeebound, but now i'm having visions of crashing in a puddle on the way home. nothing to do but wait it out and hope the sun returns with a little drying action.

normally i'd resolve this waiting game with a hefty dose of the new harry potter book, but i've decided to forego the tradition of reading it straight through for something new: reading the entire book aloud while coffeeshopgirl does her homework. she says she can follow along despite my fears of being monotone. i think it might be true because i tested her by ad libbing something like this: "harry turned around to find ron and hermoine making out passionately." after a moment of genuine shock, coffeeshopgirl scoffed at my attempt. "that didn't even sound right." next time i'll have to make up something with a more accurate tone. "blimey" should do it.

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