Thursday, July 5, 2007

asian invasion

i've been having trouble sleeping lately. preoccupation with money and jobs has reigned supreme and is getting in the way of some much needed drooling. usually when i'm suffering from an overactive cranium, i try to concentrate on breathing or use a meditation that my acupuncturist recommended. it goes something like this: take slow, deep breaths and on each exhale, imagine that your body parts are turning white, starting with your feet and traveling up your frame. when your whole body is white, use each exhale (or inhale) to imagine yourself expanding into something airy and weightless. once you're somewhere in the neighborhood of the stay-puf marshmallow man, imagine yourself floating, becoming lighter and lighter with each exhale until eventually you're floating to the ceiling. (okay, so you're a cloud, but you can't just say "breath and pretend to be a cloud").

i've only made it to the ceiling once and that was in the middle of an acupuncture session... it's hard to say whether i fell asleep and dreamed the whole thing or if i made it into a meditative trance. i can usually manage a white body and some level of weightlessness, but lately i can't even get the right color. my feet are turning a dingy gray and before i know it, i'm not breathing and my mind has wandered off to monthly balances and passing tests.

general anxieties aside, there's been some great food consumed in the last few weeks. a mexican potluck with cilantro in almost every dish, a mother load of guacamole, and the best brownies i've ever had (care of coffeeshopgirl): chocolate with cayenne pepper and cinnamon, assembled weight watchers style with applesauce and extra chocolate shavings. those of you who came to dinner should know how much i like you because i was NOT interested in sharing those brownies.

last night's fare was the culmination of an afternoon farmers market trip and an overwhelming foray into the decatur asian market. i'm used to the sagging shelves of ethnic markets, but this place takes the cake (fish cakes that is). luckily there was a very helpful (and opinionated) thai woman to help us wade through the madness. the fish cakes she recommended were amazing... think spicy fruit loops with a hint of ginger and the shape and texture of meatballs. coffeeshopgirl also made japanese style sukiyaki. normally i'm only vaguely interested in asian stews, but ate my body weight in her concoction of tofu, asian cabbage, fish cakes, onion, and japanese cellophane noodles in a hoisin based broth.

after dinner we joined the usual suspects for a little 4th of july mirth. given the state of my bank account there was less mirth and more free water, but it was good to get out for awhile. although things got off to a rocky start because i took a wrong turn onto the prostitute side of Memorial Drive instead of the cemetery side.

tonight we're making asian tea rolls with fresh basil, cilantro, sprouts, carrot, and lots of peanut sauce. one word for you: MINE.

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