Tuesday, July 17, 2007

jesus toast

do you get to heaven faster if you die in a head on collision with a jesus car? i'd consult my local pastor or priest or whatever you call those people, but it's pretty obvious i don't have one. at any rate, coffeeshopgirl and i almost got seriously taken out by a minivan barreling around a blind corner in my brother's apartment complex. centered on the back windshield was a bumper sticker testifying that "Atlanta is Jesus." i didn't think good Christians broke the law. then again, maybe she saw us poking around in the parking lot (trying to find the mailboxes) and decided to do god's work to eradicate a couple of the mo's. this place is full of them, what's two less anyway? we could have been her fast track to the winged toaster They hand out after you reach 7 cold ones.

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