Sunday, July 15, 2007

battle hymn of the squirrel

at approximately 11 pm last night, a naked coffeeshopgirl scrubbed the toilet while brushing her teeth. at approximately 11:07 pm last night, i threatened to attack her armpits with this little known torture device:

needless to say, we spent too much time indoors yesterday. BUT we did see a really great documentary called In the Realm of the Unreal about the outsider artist Henry Darger. I didn't really like the director's choice to animate the artwork, but the overall sketch of Darger's elusive life was pretty effective. I'd bet money (that i don't have) on the guy being hypergraphic.

yesterday was also spent drooling over the posters of Jay Ryan. his illustrations are hilarious and the colors make me want to rob a bank so i can purchase whatever prints are still available... i mean who wouldn't want to have this hanging in their office?

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