Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a cup a day

one of our wall hangings tried to commit suicide last night. it's hard to say whether it was assisted or not because all i heard was a huge clatter and scrambling feet. the kamikaze picture normally hangs in the hallway above eye level, which means there are two suspects: potential energy or an orange cat with unmatched vertical powers. my bet is on the latter. at least, in broad daylight i can say it was most likely the cat. in the middle of the night, my imagination (and too many episodes of CSI) said otherwise. i lay awake for awhile after the incident picturing hulkish lumbering intruders, too clumsy for their own good, wielding knives (or guns) and oversize elbows.

after a feline interrupted sleep, there's only one thing to do (besides refill the squirt bottle): eat the breakfast of champions. the mug was purchased at the inman park festival from a slightly inebriated older couple from florida. it was towards the end of the festival afternoon and closer to the bottom of their wine bottles. the cliff bar is "peanut toffee buzz"... i think they must have more than "green tea" in them because i can't seem to stop thinking about them from the moment i wake up until my teeth sink into the first bite.

i'm at home studying today, so you can expect more self-indulgent posts soon.

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