Friday, June 22, 2007

a veritable hooligan

5:30 is apparently the magic number for the week. they've changed tactics... the fat one waits in the kitchen by the food bowl and the wiley one makes rounds across the pillows, past coffeeshopgirl, pausing at the foot of the bed to knead and scratch at the comforter, and then back up to my shoulders... pretends to relax, drools a little and then, just when my muscles are no longer tensed to grab the squirt bottle, he leaps onto my pillow and frantically circles again.

yesterday was a long one. woke up feeling like someone had spent the night jabbing carrot sticks at my eyes, but my mood slowly picked up over breakfast, which was spent laughing with hannah and jim. (if you want design/illustration commentary check out his blog, but if you want a taste of the quippy jim i'm used to, you won't find much of it there). after brunch, we met up with a couple of other school friends for the great road bike search in Athens, GA. it turned out to be a huge failure, because Ben's Bikes was very CLOSED. it would have been nice of this Ben guy to put up a notice on his myspace page. or possibly a phone number with a recorded message?? at any rate, we got a taste of athens (lunch at the grit) and coffeeshopgirl hit the Love and Rockets jackpot in a comic book store. sadly, i think this means a lot of mouthbreathing non responses for me while she makes her way through her wares.

today we fly to DC to celebrate my dad's 50th and have a few a coffee dates. my interest in the party is lackluster at best because of a recent email exchange in which my dad related my labret piercing to sliminess and politely "requested" that i remove the piercing for his party. i'd like to believe he has my best interest in mind when he expresses his complete lack of understanding as to why i would want to impress upon people that i walk with the scum of the earth. somehow i think it has more to do with his embarrassment and less to do with my reputation or living a hard knock life. i'm already a big homo that gets gender-assessed and gawked at on a regular basis. how is a little bit of metal going to make things any worse? maybe coffeeshopgirl and i will make out in the middle of the party to account for my piercing concession.

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