Monday, June 11, 2007

BYO-OT (oxygen tank)

every time i walk up the back steps of the hospital there are smokers perched along the low brick wall that runs the length of the lawn. what better way to relax after visiting your dying uncle than to light up? hopefully some of the wall flowers have the sense to return their uncle's lighter so that when he gets wheeled out to the same back patio, he too can enjoy a smoke. can't say i'm envious of him though... it must be hard to get a satisfying pull with a tube up your nose and your hospital gown flapping in the breeze.

i sent a personal entry to a magazine back in february, and it may or may not be in next month's edition. will get back to you when the mail finally comes through. i think about writing constantly, sometimes even fondly, but i'm such a weenie when it comes to exposure. maybe i can find a surrogate who will promote my work with gusto. what i mean to say is, maybe one day i'll figure out how to stop being such a coward. socially and intellectually.

the neighbor across the way has a new puppy. some sort of lab mutt that has recently started competing for the air waves with the other dog in the apartment (previously thought to be mute). we've got our own canine percussion section, complete with syncopation and unexpected rests. somehow i don't think they take requests.

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