Friday, June 15, 2007

have a coke and a smile

the whelming continues... was completely unproductive on the studying front yesterday, but coffeeshopgirl and i did brave the world of coca-cola. sensory overload doesn't even begin to describe the exhibits. i kept waiting to be accosted by oompa-loompas sporting head to toe coke garb. the highlight of the trip was a 9 minute 4-D movie, complete with squirting water, whooshing air, moving seats, and a dig in the back timed with a couple of pesky dragonflies flying at our faces. we were surrounded by kids (i figured they're short, so it would be wise to sit behind them), which of course heightened the scream/laugh factor. by the time we exited through the gift shop (tricky how they route you through their wares after they've weakened your reserve with sugary samples of international coke products) i felt like i had sold my soul coca-cola.

our foray into the cult of coke was preceded by breakfast at thumb's up. good company and fantastic biscuits. even the coffee passes muster, which is saying a lot for restaurant coffee.

back to that studying thing...

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Sarah said...

whelm. good word. under-used at best.