Friday, June 8, 2007

revenge of the massage nerds

watching the food network at 5:15 in the afternoon is never a good idea. luckily ,it's the ice cream throwdown, so i'm only half interested. if it were the burger throwdown, i'd have a harder time avoiding my latent carnivorous ways to write something about nothing. you have to wonder how much food gets wasted on cooking shows...

my world is full of 3x5 notecards. white. lined. mountains of them. and i'm only a 1/4 of the way through the study guide. why study when it's just touching people? licensing, and certifications oh my. i found
this during my morning cup of coffee. i'm so excited. i can test myself until the cows come home. and then i can test the cows until they run away.

the living room exploded and the cats are swarming. coffeeshopgirl is painting somewhere across the room under a pile of 11x17 watercolor paper and plexi glass. i'm only going to start worrying when I can't hear the swish and clatter of her paintbrush in the water cup.

..time to go outside and get some much needed exercise. we spent all of yesterday in the apartment being wholesomely productive and have since turned into caged animals.

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