Wednesday, June 13, 2007

spicy salmon for 2

chocolate and sushi are essential for combatting brain atrophy... i've also heard that harry potter stimulates action potential, so i'm doing my best to fully embrace the theory by watching the movies while studying for the nationals.

i've started 2 different books in the last week and i can't say that i care for either one. coincidentally, they're both lawyer-centric: No Way to Treat a First Lady and A Man in Full. First Lady is relatively amusing, but the pace is annoying, and i'm not convinced enough to care about what's happening. Man in Full is riddled with exclamation points, which is so irritating that i can't make myself focus on the buildup.

okay, fine, i could try to hide my geek flag, but it takes too much energy. the real problem (besides the exclamation points) is that neither of these books can hold a candle to the impending harry potter. i admit nothing in the way of fanatacism. i'm simply waiting on the edge of my cat littered couch to see what rowling will do next.

and now back to memorizing the attachments for head and neck muscles...

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Sarah said...

cat littered couch. mmm. if you dip your sushi in the cat litter, it'll add a little crunch. wait...unless it's clumping. then that's just gross.