Monday, June 18, 2007

knocked out

it's been a day of movies, notecards, and woodblock painting (coffeeshopgirl's schoolbreak obsession). oh, and an hour long walk around the neighborhood. today's route included the creepy mannequin house. i didn't zoom in on the mannequins all the way because i wanted to get the red paper lamps in the shot, but you get the idea. it's an upstairs window in an otherwise beautiful victorian house.

on a gay side note, this was the first thing i saw when we got back from walking. why can't they do that at 5:30 in the morning??

we went to see "knocked up" over the weekend. well, i should say, we tried to see knocked up, but our plans got railroaded by a couple of extremely rude people that wouldn't move over ONE SEAT. i wasn't there for the encounter (standing in line for overpriced soda with my brother), but i did see the aftermath, which included a very angry isabel and a tearful coffeeshopgirl. having already purchased tickets, we decided to salvage the evening by watching Ocean's 13 instead of waiting 2 hours in a ritzy asshole mall for the next showing of knocked up. there was talk of spilling soda all over the Hag, but the satisfaction would probably have been short-lived in our world of tort. as coincidence would have it, we kept running into the buckfuck* silicone hag and her impotent companion all the way back to the parking deck.

things that make me sweat:
- coffee in the summer
- georgia humidity with single pained leaky windows
- thinking about interviewing for massage jobs
- coffee in the winter
- meeting new people
- indian food

*buckfuck = buckhead, a particularly blonde and affluent neighborhood in atlanta


Sarah said...

i also make you sweat. don't lie. i'm tagging you for a meme. :) see my blog for deets.

i.b. said...

holy crap you bugger i didnt even know you had a blog until you posted on mine...and then i saw yours... well thats naughty...

im currently in one of the more awkward moments of my life right now... about to blog. ... wow

catch you on the flip side.