Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The major difference between the water in this picture and my current state of mind is surface tension. My energy and motivation levels are sorely lacking this cohesive property right now. At the beginning of the day, I appear incredibly focused (those little check boxes sure do look pretty), but the reality at the end of the day has been far from productive.

Example: I spent most of last week in Los Angeles beyond the grapple of internet and blogs, but yesterday I sat in front of my glowing idiot box for approximately 5 hours and overdosed on everything I had barely noted as missing from my daily routine. Some of it was constructive browsing (i.e. reading things like Get Rich Slowly to nudge myself back on track with incidental spending), but the majority of my sink hole could have been meted into self-disciplined chunks of time.

I was slightly more productive today because I had to work (read: more computer time within a thumb's reach of the chamber pot), but I still feel groggy and compulsive about all the wrong things. Not to mention my wrists are killing me. I think it's time to follow the example of others and work on a little something called flow. One that doesn't involve hyperlinks.

More on that LA trip soon.

[today's picture is brought to you by my leaky dishwasher]


Laura said...

I KNEW that was a leaky Living Intown dishwasher--we have the same thing, and holy fuck, it pisses me off! The floor is warping and getting moldy underneath. They "fixed" it a few months ago, but you know how that is.

~Laura in apt. 1

Steve said...

Thanks for the link!

(I am hardly a model of flow, though I do try. :) )