Monday, June 23, 2008

Jade & Sequin take a trip

You become somewhat normalized to oddities when you live with an artist. I imagine this is true when it comes to living with anyone because let's face it, we're all strange in one way or another. But when was the last time you walked into your living and came face to shoulder with a purple (supposedly "african american") mannequin?

I can safely say that for me, it was 2 days ago. The sauce was offered a nice chunk of change to paint 2 mannequins for a local real estate company. Apparently this company uses mannequins as part of their marketing strategy (their "living community" mantra) and they want to have representation at this year's Gay Pride festivities. Driving home from Buckhead with a backseat full of mannequin bits was just the beginning of a very strange 36 hours. Charrow was kind of creeped out by them (especially when I grabbed a hand and tried to stroke her cheek with it), but I found the additional roommates, which we named Jade & Sequin in light of their destination, to be very accommodating. There were no sour faces or snide remarks when I took their pictures, and they were more than happy to sit in our 90 degree apartment while we ate popsicles right in front of them.

In all seriousness, it was disconcerting to walk into the room and see extra bodies laying around. Both Charrow and I would wander around the apartment for various reasons and whenever one of us walked back into the living room there would be a frightened grunt or an overcompensating "hello!" My cat ("Fatty") wasn't exactly thrilled with their presence either.

But having Jade & Sequin (figured out which one is which yet?) around did make me wish I had ongoing to access to a mannequin warehouse. The possibilities for creepy photographs are endless! But Charrow had to give them back, so I'll have to find some other way to get my own lifesize Ken & Barbie. I wonder how much they cost...

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Steve said...

Sequin is obviously the guy.