Sunday, June 1, 2008

tropical safari

The picture for today's post was taken last night at 11:38pm. It was approximately 69 degrees outside at the time. This evening, after our dinner guests leave, we will pack all of our clothes into tupperware bins and pull out the grass skirts and bikini tops. No more broil inducing cotton t-shirts. And socks? Forget it. Those won't see the tip of my toes until at least October. I'm not sure how this utility strike is going to work for the duration of another Atlanta summer, but we're going to give it our best shot. If you would like to host a grass skirt event at our apartment, or if you would like to conduct any self-exploration experiments where you recreate an impoverished tropical environment, please contact me. We can provide you with a guarantee of 85 degree temps and little to no creature comforts. Sadly, the only wildlife you will be exposed to are hyper-shedding domestic cats, one bionic (but tropical!) fish, and an array of slightly chewed fauna, including 2 non-blooming orchids and assorted greenery.

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