Tuesday, July 15, 2008

face stuffing family hopping fun

We went on our summer family hopping spree last week. The majority of the weekend was spent at my mom's in St. Mary's County, MD and for the bookend days, we stayed at the sauce's parental abode in Chevy Chase. Here's the trip in bullet format because I'm sure you're about as interested in a long version as I am in writing one.
  • 1 eastern shore crab massacre with Bud Light available in large trash cans to wash down the bottom feeders.
  • 4 pitchers of bourbon lemonade, 2 of which were consumed solely by charrow.
  • 1 barbecue at the Charrow residence with 5 over-educated twenty something's all vying for the conversational limelight.
  • 1 ewoken Burmese cat that is the size of my foot but still counts as "full-grown."
  • 1 outdoor sculpture garden and indoor arts center with pieces on loan from Olga Hirshhorn's private collection
  • 4 directive statements from an old friend instructing me to start writing a book. Now.
  • 10 pieces of sushi consumed while having lunch with another old friend.
  • 1 free tank of gas and a 40% family member discount from Hertz, care of my online discount sleuthing.
  • 1 very friendly rental car agent that almost blew my "family member" cover by asking too many questions.
  • 472 pictures of Liz's hike through Havasu canyon.
  • 3 helpings of tomato-basil-mozzarella stacks and 1 golden retriever beer.
  • approximately 9 mosquito bites.
And here it is in picture format:

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