Thursday, July 31, 2008

whale fest 2008

We're off to roll around at the beach like a chuffing, snorting, happy dog. Alright, we'll probably do more of this:

but I'll be snorting on the inside.

We're headed to Emerald Isle for the second annual Beached Whale Fest. There will be martinis, bourbon lemonade, vegetarian feasts, and lots of spf 45 slathering. I feel pretty guilty about the amount of gas we're about burn through, but I'd like to think some of the fossil fuels are balanced out by the fact that we're boycotting the A/C.

Goals for the weekend: take as many unwanted pictures as possible, bogart the guacamole, overdose on NPR, avoid unnecessary grocery items because my budget is already blown on the pending gas station bills, and make a huge effort to listen to the friends that I've neglected during my depressed haze known as "the 2 years I spent hating atlanta (but not all the great people who've put up with my sourness)."

for more great pictures of dixie the rolling wonder, visit her blog

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ester said...

color me very very jealous (i guess that would be green?)