Wednesday, April 2, 2008

gooey day in the park

I'm taking care of buckley, the curb vacuuming wonder, for the next few days. Sadly it's because of a family emergency, but I'm happy to have the opportunity to spend time over in grant park. Spring is in full force right now, which makes for a beautiful view through my itchy and half-closed eyes.

This morning's stroll took a turn for the worse when buckley discovered a gooey puddle of possible regurgitation with unidentified chunks. At first I thought he was simply going to go for the chunks. Much to my horror, he sniffed the puddle, gave it a cursory swipe of the tongue, and then proceeded to hunker down and try to ROLL IN IT. Now you can't really tell from the picture, but buckley is no waifish canine. I had to throw my weight into his shoulder to keep him out of the toxic waste that was apparently the perfect substance for a refreshing tumble. Judging from the disturbance in the goo's surface, I didn't catch him quickly enough, but I did prevent a full on romp.


Steve said...

Aack! That is a serious dog emergency. Did Buckley have to indulge in a post-vomit-romping bath?

herding tapeworms said...

luckily it was a small puddle and he's got a lot of surface area. not enough damage for an emergency bath today.