Friday, April 4, 2008

el hombre gordo hermoso

This past Tuesday, coffeeshopgirl and I went to something called "Boozer Doodle" at the Vortex on Peachtree St. This establishment is known for it's burgers and crispy tots, but there's also a secret back room where people gather to drink beer (or cider as the case may be) and draw live models.

We arrived early because we both suffer from a touch of social anxiety and arriving late means making an entrance with the special bonus fear of not finding a seat. People eventually filtered into the room in clumps of 2 or 3 carrying large clipboards, sketchpads, and supply boxes of various sizes. I had a good laugh at how much like kindergarten it felt when everyone sat down and set out their drawing materials.

My drawing skills don't generally go beyond an amusing stick figure scene or the occasional birthday monkey, so I went with little intention of participating. But I was quickly swayed by the easygoing atmosphere, the free tater tots, and a tall Bass Ale (or three). It turns out I may have a penchant for drawing overweight men in cheetah print speedos. See the wondrous April Fool's Day model for yourself...

you can check out coffeeshopgirl's version of the evening here


Steve said...

I really like them! They're so expressive! I think you've discovered a hidden career opportunity.

elsabelle said...

hilarious. we must join you next time, not just for the tots and booze, but especially if that's how the models dress.