Sunday, October 21, 2007

PHS Splurge strikes again

i turned the other cheek and did a bad thing today. $63 down the Rag-o-Rama drain. the trip was partially successful: i found step 1 of this year's halloween costume; i sold $19 of unused track jackets/fleece pullovers; and i scored another pair of designer jeans for a fraction of the retail price. i guess i'm not upset with the end result (given the chance, i'd buy everything again), but the timing of my splurge is less than desirable with 9 more days to the next pay check. grocery shopping could be tricky...

let's move on to a different green matter -- this weekend's activities were reached via two wheels, with the exception of 2 domestic errands. let's face it, 12 packs of pepsi one don't exactly fit in my camelback. there was some major huffing and puffing during today's 10 mile ride to Octane, but i'm guessing carbon dioxide is easier on the environment than my 9 year old car.

i've considered taking the two wheel approach to the extreme and getting rid of my parking pass at the hospital. it would be an extra $50 loitering in my savings account (destined for a digital SLR) and a good excuse to get even more exercise while enjoying the scenery. do i really want to brave the atlanta winter in a bike helmet or is it worth $150 - $200 to be able to feel my toes when i get home?

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