Thursday, October 4, 2007

honk for peanut butter

It's a dangerous day for driving in North Atlanta. 3 fender benders. 45 minutes. 5 mile radius. 4 major reasons to honk my horn (forget counting the minor ones). The problem is not suburb specific. The other day a truck on the other side of the intersection went through a red light just as I got a green arrow to turn left. I don't mean he ran the light because it changed at the last second. I mean he was sitting at the stoplight and must have decided he had been waiting too long because he revved up and powered through. Had I been in the usual autopilot mode and jumped on the gas when the light changed, I would have broadsided him.

Drivers Ed must cost extra in Atlanta high schools. Everything else around here seems to. Forget the free museums of D.C. They're just a wet dream of the past. And turn signals? They must remove them when you get your car inspected. Luckily the guy who inspected my car didn't even know what model it was ("is that an Accord?"), much less how to remove the turn signal bulbs.

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Steve said...

I've always heard that Atlanta is the worst city for commuting...!