Saturday, October 20, 2007

frugal fanny to the rescue

i think i need to find a support group. i can't seem to tear myself away from financial blogs. i now know so many new (and old) ways to save money that i don't have! if you're in the market for a new distraction, i highly recommend Get Rich Slowly. the archive section puts everything at your fingertips with informative and eye catching titles ("Take Back Your Brain!"). the advice is often common sense, but it's reaffirming to see other people's success stories (or failures as the case may be). there's also information about things that are completely foreign to me (a.k.a. anything to do with taxes). anecdotal is the way to go with potentially dry material.

(sadly, i can't take credit for finding this gem. i've run across links to GRS on a friend's blog from time to time and finally decided to root around on my own)

in other news, my career as a bookstore employee is officially over. it was an entertaining job, but exhausting because of the constant social interaction and long hours standing on concrete slab. okay, the truth of the matter is, i can make more money selling my soul to the hospital for 3 days a week and have more free time to explore things that make me happy. $7 an hour gets me out of the office but makes me so tired that i could care less about writing or exercise or building a massage therapy business. needless to say, the owner was less than pleased with me. i don't think i'll be doing any christmas shopping there...

not that i plan on doing very much shopping because my goal for the holidays this year is to spend as little as possible. home made gifts here i come.

(forgive all the money talk, but it's on the forefront of my mind these days and this is the official place of mental regurge)

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