Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The apartment keeps belching clothes onto the bedroom floor, but I think the new wall color accentuates the piling problem.

Normally I'd shoot for a synopsis with a little more punch, but I'm going cross-eyed so here's the oozing convoluted version. I spent all weekend painting the first coat of a friend's living room and our bedroom. I managed to eek out a second coat for the living room this evening, but our bedroom will have to wait. The thought of sprawling in front of baseboards pains me more than the streaks and dimpling that keep catching my eye. (dimpling = tiny pin holes of white that don't get covered by the roller on the first coat. guaranteed to happen when switching to a dark color no matter what the one coat wonder companies would like you to believe)

today makes day 3 of my 6 day working streak (8 if you count the weekend warrior episode). that's right, i now have a second job due to severe lack of funds and the slowest licensing board in the country. soon i won't be able to afford the means by which i choose to torture you with pointless entries (not to mention things like electric bills and grocery shopping). so i have decided to use my status of homo sapien, emphasis on homo, to procure a job at an "independent" bookstore. not the most lucrative of ventures, but they hired me within 2 days of applying so it's a quick fix that could turn into a good way to pad the bank account, get out of an office, and meet people that have never uttered the words "design aesthetic".

to whom it may concern: i don't fault you for your designer hearts (or vocabularies), just your designerly stress levels.

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