Monday, October 15, 2007

chip off the old block

what we have here is a peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich (as mentioned in my last post). normally i'm a stickler for spreading sandwich condiments (?) to the edges of the bread, but there IS such a thing as too much peanut butter (the horror), so the swatch of peanut butter on the left is only for extra sticking power. "chocolate chips??" you say? balk if you will, but the difference in sugar content from your basic pb&j is marginal. sure, the fat content is a bit higher, but think of the antioxidants you're getting from all that extra chocolate.

the last few days have been an eating extravaganza. coffeeshopgirl's parents were in town for the weekend and we went to several restaurants that we've been lusting after but have been too poor to afford. I don't have the energy to run through the details, but links and descriptions will be posted soon.


Steve said...

Hmmmm...I haven't tried this combo. I am known, however, for putting weird things on my peanut butter sandwiches. My favorite is slices of bosc pear...but I sometimes use romaine lettuce! It's not nearly as weird as it sounds and it makes the sandwich pleasantly crunchy. :)

The Ninny said...