Tuesday, August 28, 2007

run for your lives!

my car has been invaded by ants. we're talking thousands of them. they're out there right now, cloaked by the black interior, but if you look closer you can catch signs of movement from every direction.

i have certain feelings towards ants.

certain strong feelings.

feelings that make me want to sell my car and never step foot in it again.

feelings that made me scream when i unknowingly sat down in the sea of ants, thinking about my impending meeting and NOT about being eaten alive by segmented beasts.

sadly, my situation is not unique. dave is also experiencing the mysterious ant invasion, but he's using a different mode of transportation for his daily circuit to Athens, GA, so i have only moderate feelings of sympathy for him with regard to ants. thinking about his soul sucking commute is a different story.

the upside to this morning's siege is that i officially rode my bike to work today. or rather, i borrowed coffeeshopgirl's road bike because it's like a gazelle compared to my sluggish mountain bike. i'm feeling greener already. Emory would be proud.

maybe i can turn my car into an ant farm and charge admission.

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