Tuesday, August 14, 2007

have you hugged a polar bear today?

my brain has begun the process of liquidation. i'm not sure if it's because of the temperatures in the apartment or the massive amount of sweating that occurred at my new massage job this past weekend. either way, i'm tired, sore, and worried about everything that can possibly be worried about.

on the apartment front, we now have a window unit in the bedroom that seems to do a better job cooling the entire apartment than the central air EVER managed. the fate of the electric bill remains to be seen. do we attempt to get reimbursed for the past 2 months when the management insists, after multiple visits, that our lack of air flow and cooling power is simply due to the apartment location? somehow the words "this could just be one of those apartments" aren't going to make me feel any better when we get the next electric bill. and what about next summer? should we start saving pennies now so we can afford to keep the ice cream in the freezer from melting?

maybe if i get a barbie cake for my birthday i'll feel better about life.

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