Thursday, August 2, 2007

brain implosion

i have an interview in t minus 2 hours. i've tried reading over the typical massage interview questions, but the words keep jumping around like frogs on speed and i can't concentrate. how am i supposed to think about what my strengths and weaknesses are when all i can imagine is flubbing the practical? i'm having visions of accidentally shooting lotion into my interviewer's ears or being overzealous with the sheets and somehow exposing her, which would most likely traumatize me the most.

thoughts that comfort me:

- it's not the ideal job (spa franchise, bad location, cheap massages -- which probably translates to mediocre compensation and oddball clientele)

- there's no underground network of blacklisted applicants so if i screw it up, no one will know

- in 12 hours i will be in DC for a weekend of wedding fun (that's right, i said fun)

- there's always chocolate (and beer)

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