Friday, August 24, 2007


it's hard to blog when you're in a bad place. all i want to do is whine and lament over my unique situation, which is of course not unique at all. it seems like the theme of late is to be confused and unhappy about life direction. if i knew an exotic language it would be tempting to run away to a far off land and participate in a translation program (something one of my fellow doubters is considering). sadly the only exotic language i know is the ever changing system of grunts and hand waving that comes from coffeeshopgirl.

maybe i'll become a coffee model. i mean, who could resist this level of poise and passion?

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ester said...

both of you are breaking my heart. come to brooklyn -- i promise it'll be restorative. no judgments, only sudden bursts of happy insight and clarity! and peanut butter-chocolate cupcakes.