Tuesday, January 8, 2008

mucinex, take me away

today i woke up to the sound of mourning doves. between that and the recent spring like temperatures, my meteorological mood indicator is confused. i don't know whether to hunker down for the january doldrums or embrace the weather's april disguise.

there's really no question, the weather has improved my mood (minus that whole global warming implication of doom). it has not, however, improved my state of mucus. if you prefer to avoid the bodily function conversations, you'd be wise to click your way out of this one. i've been sick for about a week now, with varying degrees of throat coating mucus misery. fortunately for me (and the people i share an office with), things at work have been slow. i even scored an unforeseen sick day last friday when the day's project was tabled because the co-worker i would have teamed up with was out sick as well. thanks to my easy going boss, i got an extra day of couch potato recovery and avoided being The Sniffler.

i shouldn't complain too much because my convalescence (mucalescence?) has given me some extra reading time. I've been in the mood for douglas coupland, so i picked up a copy of Eleanor Rigby on sunday while coffeeshopgirl got her weekly dose of trash reading at barnes & noble. Eleanor wasn't quite what i was looking for (hard to swallow plot line coated with tasty wit and quirky characters to make it all go down a bit easier), but it was a good filler before the main event arrived. I ordered The Gum Thief and Musicophilia right after christmas and thanks to a substitute mailman, i've been playing ring around the post office trying to chase down a package that was supposed to be delivered on the 3rd.

i know there are more important things going on in the world (like primary races and biggest loser premiers), but all i want to do is blow my nose and explore the culture of Staples minions through coupland's filter.

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Steve said...

I read "Eleanor Rigby" and honestly I don't remember a thing about it. I'm not sure how I feel about Douglas Coupland. He underwhelms me. Let us know what you think of your two latest purchases.

Hope your, um, mucosity clears up soon.