Tuesday, January 22, 2008

holy pajamas batman!

perusing other people's blogs on an hourly basis makes me feel up to date on my own, but i just realized it's been 14 days since my last post. that's two whole weeks that i've deprived you of my brain residue. how selfish of me.

a few recommendations from my absence:

Helvetica: if you get bored with the designer jargon, watch it mockumentary style and pretend you're on mystery science theater 3000
Juno: perfect combination of teenage angst and overblown vocabularies. michael cera is my awkward hero.
The Gum Thief: it didn't hold a candle to Microserfs, but it was worth the wait. (will write more in a separate post)

a very emphatic UN-recommendation:

Waitress: i'm not sure they could have crammed one more stereotype in this movie, even if they baked it into the pies.

things at work continue to be slow. i keep hearing about projects that are coming down the pipeline (oh how i detest office speak), but my brain and my wallet have shriveled to the size of a wolffia. so i've spent some of my spare computer time dredging through job listings (i say "spare" because i'm trying not to aggravate the pinched nerve that's already acting wonky). i even forced myself to start a cover letter this afternoon, which is a sure sign of desperation because i hate cover letters more than i hate drying tupperware lids.

the other major distraction of the week is my new camera. it makes me feel like a three year old running around in their dad's t-shirt, but i'm convinced that i can grow into it enough to at least stop tripping over the hem. this means taking zillions of pictures, much to coffeeshopgirl's chagrin. keep an eye on the flickr because there should be a steady flow of new material. my most willing and available subjects are of course the feline duo, so i don't want to hear any jokes about being a crazy cat lady.

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Steve said...

There's not a thing wrong with being a crazy cat lady (or, in unisex terminology, person). I fully identify.

"drying tupperware lids" -- LOL!