Monday, January 28, 2008

faux adrenaline

i don't think i've mentioned it yet, but coffeeshopgirl and i are training for the ING half marathon at the end of march. last weekend we ran 6 miles in the snow (one of only 2 times that we've seen snow in 12 months of living here). yesterday we clocked 7 miles, and i spent the remainder of the day in a runner's stupor. i keep hearing this irksome "runner's high" phrase, and i just don't get it. i feel like i'm missing the sailboat in a magic eye puzzle. i can tell you how high it feels as if my body was dropped after finishing 7 miles, but i have yet to experience any so called rush. don't get me wrong, i thoroughly enjoy running, and i'm excited to continue tacking on mileage. there was a span of about 2 years where i physically couldn't run because of a chronic leg injury (induced by my last marathon effort, which is why a half will do just fine, thanks). being able to run 90 minutes and not head straight for the ice packs is fantastic. having said that, i still want to throw my shoes at anyone who mentions this adrenaline fest, much like i want to throw my coffee at cheerful morning people. luckily for them, it would be a waste of good coffee.

last week's resume frenzy has officially been validated. i have an interview on Thursday for a position that requires a vocabulary test, which of course sent me scrambling for my old GRE books. i'm worried about my "professional" appearance (i'm not sure facial piercings and a faux hawk count as tasteful), but if they don't approve, i'll take my 10-cent words elsewhere.

another frenzy of sorts took place last friday night, one that shall be known henceforth as the challah incident. about midweek, coffeeshopgirl got the urge to feed the world and bake challah bread for the occasion, so Thursday night she made the dough and braided the loaves (pictured here). by Friday afternoon, the dough had mutated into a shapeless oozing mass that spilled over the sides of the baking sheet. the rebraided versions came out larger than any challah i've ever seen, which is a good thing because the attendees managed to eat all but one end of the two loaves. forget what i said about a running stupor. challa coma is much more potent.

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