Wednesday, February 17, 2016

start where you are

one of my favorite trees

Well, it finally happened. I missed a day. No, two days. I forgot that it's Wednesday! My grandfather's funeral was Monday, which was exhausting in ways I can't even explain to you because I'm not willing to bare THAT much of myself to the internet. Then I had to move my trip home from Monday night to Tuesday in a very convoluted fashion, so I couldn't bring myself to write anything last night after a day of riding in cars, trains, and more trains. I'm close to skipping tonight as well, but this is how the waterfall of stopping begins. So I'm here to write this cryptic post as a space filler until I can muster a more involved one about the experience. In the meantime, here's a haiku loosely inspired by having to sit through a southern baptist funeral service:

the lord giveth me
a headache, a sore butt, and
a commute from hell*

*more on this later. I'm referring to the trip home yesterday and not my commute today, although that, too, was convoluted and sardine-like

picture: one of my favorite trees in the park taken right when my light meter started to go haywire and I accidentally pushed the shutter, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY, February 2016, film, Leica M6 

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Steve Reed said...

It's funny how sometimes bloggers think they have nothing to write, and they sit down to write about nothing, and wind up writing about something after all. There's a lesson in there somewhere!