Sunday, February 14, 2016


Nothing like hanging out at JFK on a bright, frigid Sunday for HOURS. My 12:30 flight to NC is delayed until 4:30, so I am trying to make do with podcasts, people watching and book reading (and trying not to send too many whiny texts). Seems like a good time to listen to the TED radio hour episode entitled "to endure." Not going to spend anymore patience typing on a tiny screen, but it seemed wise to use this "extra" time to check this box for the day. Now for the short form about airport observations:

two sparrows hopping
along collecting carpet
snacks in the warm sun


Glittered bags scattered
Across three chairs as she squawks*
And I seethe alone

*This woman engaged in all the behaviors I cannot stand. Spreading her shit everywhere, listening to music without headphones, yelling into her speaker phone, and smacking her food. Needless to say I moved seats as fast as I could. No point in expecting her to change.

Picture: taken during our insanely cold walk this morning (3 degrees), prospect park, brooklyn, NY, iPhone

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Steve Reed said...

It's amazing how unaware some people are about the effects of their behavior on others. (Or maybe they just don't care.)