Friday, April 17, 2009

warming the bench

The diagnosis from my GQ podiatrist (relationship status: unknown), is that I do not have any sign of a fracture, old or new (old or new!), non-union, or otherwise. I do, however, have two torn ligaments in my sesamoid complex (i.e. the ligaments that make up the joint of your first toe), and a hearty case of sesamoiditis.

Both GQ man and I were confused as to how I could have torn ligaments when such an injury is usually caused by on obvious precipitating event. Perhaps it was an overzealous game of Settlers? Maybe I got too excited jumping down from the ladder while I was painting? Could it have happened while ferrying my dead motorcycle back and forth across the street?

It remains a mystery. A very painful mystery.

My plan of action is to hobble over to the Court Street YMCA, sign up for a family membership and resign myself to another summer of swimming. Sound familiar? I'm more enthused about swimming this year, but I still secretly want to throttle all you cheerful people in your matching running gear.


eje said...

dude, we must be having sympathetic sesamoiditis together. I stopped running about a month ago because I was having scary new pain in exactly that spot. yours sounds worse, though--bummer!

Steve said...

Sesamoiditis. Sounds like something involving seeds. Seeds getting stuck in teeth, maybe?

Anyway, I hope your foot feels better.

(Oh, and thanks for the relationship update re. GQ Podiatrist. Feel free to investigate further on my behalf. Or not.)

Steve said...

(That's a joke, BTW. :) )

herding tapeworms said...

steve: i wish it involved seeds. then i could attack with a fanatical regimen of flossing. mint glide to the rescue! sadly it's not that simple. will see what i can do about researching the punchline to your joke.