Thursday, November 13, 2008

oh how we wait

Phil Collins song title for today: We Wait and We Wonder.

The apartment saga continues. Our original lease date was set for November 15th (i.e. three days from now). The owner of the apartment (or 'shareholder' if you want to be technical about it) has recognized the sloth like tendencies of her co-op board and moved our lease date to December 1st, regardless of whether we actually get to move in before that date. We have been informed that an in-person interview is most likely required (no skyping allowed), and that we both have to be present for said interview. The best part: we have no idea when it will take place because they haven't scheduled it yet.

If the owner of the apartment has met us and is planning to send us the keys to her beloved share in the co-op, why do we have to play this interview game? I know the board wants to make sure we won't be image tarnishing tenants, but can't they put some stock in the judgement of their members?

The trickledown effect of this stallout is that we have no way of planning for any aspect of the move or the Thanksgiving holiday. Can't book movers in NYC. Can't buy plane tickets. Can't recruit friends for manpower in GA. Can't book a rental truck. Can't tell our management company when we'll be out so they can rent our apartment. Can't tell my dogwalking client when she'll have to find a replacement. Can't decide whether to pack up everything or wait because it will be awhile. Can't focus on anything but the inability to plan everything.

You fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pantsers may not be sympathetic to my cause, but for the planners out there, you understand the Kryptonitic nature of the situation. My world revolves around spreadsheets and mental forecasting. I can make all the timetables I want, but they're about as useful as an umbrella at the bottom of the ocean.

The silver lining? More time for physical therapy!


LCAmazing said...

I am such a planner that it didn't even occur to me that anyone really could be unfazed by a situation like this.

Cyndi said...

You will get to NY, take great pictures and Dixie will be fine. She'll miss you though!