Tuesday, November 18, 2008

brown tuesday




At approximately 8:15 this morning, Exhibit C sat down on the futon. Exhibit B was frightened by the sudden blockage of the space heater and proceeded to jump out from behind Exhibit C, thus knocking Exhibit A into my leg, causing a great slosh of coffee to land on my jeans and the arrow keys of my already pathetic keyboard. At first, I thought just the arrows keys were toast, but it has become apparent that the entire keyboard was compromised. For the better part of the day the Enter key, the space key, all of the arrow keys have been unresponsive. They are now working, but I fear that it is all a big lie.

In other electronic news, we purchased 2 additional space heaters today. 20 seconds after plugging in space heater number 2, the circuit breaker spazzed out. One trip down to the dusty basement and we were back in business for approximately 2 minutes. Yes, I tried it again, but with the space heater on low this time. My trickery was unsuccessful. Another trip to the under belly of our building and we now have one space heater plugged into the kitchen socket (different breaker) with one of those industrial orange extension cords and the other one plugged into the living room wall. I feel bad for the landlord every time he comes to show someone our apartment. Between all the boxes and the space heaters, I'm not sure how he's going to convince someone to move into this place in December.

I'm off to do a little creative cord taping so we don't break our necks walking back and forth to the kitchen for tea (or in my case, plain hot water).


ester said...

cats and computers don't mix. one time my monster ex-roommate's cat decided to squat on my keyboard, and when i pried it off it took my W with it. no more W! i wrote a sad poem about it.

also, perhaps your landlord should just FIX YOUR HEAT.

elsabelle said...

I love the "exhibiting" of this post. I also love Ester's story of the lost W.

Go space heater.

Spinning Ninny said...

"You would date a gorilla if it called you Indiana Jones."

LCAmazing said...

This is another method of communication.