Sunday, November 25, 2007

shots at the genius bar

it's raining! i'm actually not that excited because i was hoping to get outside for some much needed exercise, but alas, the skies have been drooling since yesterday. 12 hour car rides (one way) and irresistible holiday fare have taken their toll, but the situation will be remedied soon enough (just in time for the season of goy gluttony known as christmas).

i spent my thanksgiving in chevy chase, md, playing with this little squashed-face bundle of energy and trying to remain calm in the midst of yelling cooks. coffeeshopgirl's parents really know how to plan (and execute) a menu, but their words are sometimes sharper than the knives they use to chop vegetables. luckily the ewok and season 1 of Dexter kept me out of the thick of things. we did NOT participate in any post turkey day shopping frenzies. i have never bothered to rub elbows with the harried shoppers of black friday and i hope to never find myself thrown into that commercial mosh pit. i prefer to read McSweeney's short stories and nosh on ghirardelli peppermint bark squares in the comfort of my dad's home.

sadly, the drive back to Atlanta resulted in a small taste of said mosh pit. coffeeshopgirl's power cord died in the 4th hour of our 10 hour drive. normally this would mean the end of homework and the beginning of rambling car conversations... talking about soup and not talking about soup. however, deadlines are deadlines, and sunday make-up classes mean no rest for the turkey weary. so i called 411 and found the closest apple store. 20 minutes later we found ourselves wading through "the streets at southpoint" in durham, nc. 30 minutes later we were back on the road, a little worse for the wear, but with power cord success. our shopping detour and traffic around richmond, va, stretched our drive into 12 hours. add to that the discovery of 3 different areas of cat barf upon our homecoming, and you have a recipe for exhaustion.

i think we'll be flying next time.

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Steve said...

Bravo for resisting Black Friday! I'm with you! I've never understood why people would willingly subject themselves to all that insanity - but I think some folks get a charge out of it.

(A necessary visit to replace a power cord doesn't count. :) )