Friday, November 30, 2007

3 wise men walk into a bar

in an ideal world, i would haunt independent book stores for all of my christmas shopping needs. the reality of the situation calls for a more conservative approach, so the other day i went on a safari through amazon. (and now friday's bad pun is out of the way). i decided to take my time and do a little comparison shopping. it turns out there are some good sales on amazon, and with the super saver free shipping, i spent $20 less than i would have if i'd driven to my local barnes & noble. touting the benefits of an online magnate makes me feel plastic, but i'm partially employed and fully broke. i'll give money to the mom & pops when i can afford dentist appointments (if they still exist by that point). in the meantime, i'm still beaming on the inside for having spent $63 on 6 books, 3 of which are new release hardbacks.

i should revise that first sentence -- in an ideal world, christmas wouldn't be deformed by materialism and i wouldn't "have" to do any of this bargain hunting. coffeeshopgirl seems confused by this thing we goy's call christmas. "but what do people buy??" granted, this is coming from someone whose family has never been a ticket holder on the gift giving train, (i could make a jewish joke. i really could. but i won't). still, i was confused by her confusion. when i tried to explain what people spend their money on, i didn't have a good answer. it felt like i was trying to justify why people wear the same pair of socks for an entire hockey season or spit over their shoulder when they see a black cat. you just do it. you go out and buy socks with rubber ducky prints and pocket sized books that demystify the letter X.

there's no logical end to my christmas diatribe. i haven't even gotten to the fact that it's a logistical nightmare for anyone with divorced parents.

instead, i'll leave you with a friday geek out resource.


Jes said...

It's not a complete logistical nightmare with divorced parents, it just means I get to show favoritism to my mom and my dad will never know! I haven't even begun to think about Christmas shopping yet...I think everyone's getting framed photography because I'm too poor to give anything else.

Remind Charrow that Chanukah is present oriented too. :)

Steve said...

Funny you mention Amazon, because I'm thinking books for Christmas, too...except for my Dad, who never reads.

What do people buy? Anything and everything! (Unfortunately)

I have the divorced parents dilemma too. It usually just means spending half of Xmas day at each house...but then, I have the luxury of having divorced parents who live close to each other.