Tuesday, March 12, 2013

get out there

a man with thoughts

I often see the same older Asian man walking in Prospect Park.  He carries a cane and contends with a robotic hitch in his stride.  Last week I went running on a wretched winter day.  At the beginning of my loop around the park, I saw this walking man (not to be confused with crazy walking guy whom I will save for another post).  I was surprised to find my cane-toting acquaintance out on such an unpleasant day, but there he was: hugging the far edge of the drive, bent into the wind, making steady progress.

Some days he carries his cane high off the ground and some days he leans on it for support, but more often than not, he's out there.  Motoring along.    

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Steve Reed said...

When I used to go to the Zendo, they emphasized the importance of Just Showing Up. I think running (or walking) is the same. If you just show up, regardless of conditions or expectations or excuses, you've accomplished 99 percent of your task!

I see from your sidebar that you're reading "Inside of a Dog." Do you like it? I struggled with that book.